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Sjostrom on Sweden’s world record performance in Abu Dhabi

The second day of the FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) didn’t go by without a world record either, similar to opening night. The women’s 4×50-meter medley relay team from Sweden tied the world record, clocking 1:42.38 thanks in large part to Sarah Sjostrom’s incredible butterfly split.

UAE: ABU DHABI The Swedish athlete’s year, however, got off to a horrible start when she shattered her elbow after falling on the ice back in February. As a result, she was unable to produce the anticipated medal haul in Tokyo (got a silver on the last day in the 50m free). She geared up again in the fall, though, and we might see a few more instances of her “speeding in the water.”

“It’s out of space”

Sarah, her world-record-tying swim was just fantastic. Did you plan on ending there?

We had no idea this record would exist! We just tried to swim as quickly as we could. I mean, we knew we had a chance to win this relay, but we didn’t really have expectations to break the record. It was fantastic, and when I realized we were in the lead during the breaststroke, I felt goosebumps. I then completed a 23.9 leg, which is crazy because it runs out of room and is so quickly, thinking that it was time for me to dive in. I’m therefore ecstatic with everything right now!

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Can we conclude that the former Sarah Sjostrom is back? You appear to have regained your speed, you won MVP honors in the ISL Finals, and your splits in these relay races yesterday speak for themselves.

I’m not sure; it changes each time. Since I compete in so many different events, the 50m free is my other main event. For many years, the 100m fly was my main event, but now I’m aiming higher. However, I continue to hold on to the 100m free, 100m fly, and occasionally the 100m IM. I run two 50s, a 100 free, and numerous relays here. obviously still have a busy schedule.

If anything, fracturing the elbow must be a terrible blow for a swimmer. Did you manage to fully recover from your accident in February, did it modify your stroke for instance?

Now for me, it’s more about going back for gym work. I lost some muscle mass in my arms, I need to do a little bit longer workouts to regain strength and it’s about some prehab too. I didn’t do gym that much, I mean, I did some, but I had a lot of racing this year and you shouldn’t work too heavily in the gym during the season. You know, this is my tenth big competition in 2021 so I’m looking for a long-long break!

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