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We develop a novel strategy for sports.

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We provide different types of programs

Because we work on improving your skills we provide different types of programs depending on your need and your level 

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beginner level for children

This course is for children to start their journey in gymnastics. This course will provide your children with the most important moves and tricks to move to the next step




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beginner level for adults

Most adults think that they can’t start playing gymnastics if they had not when they were children but at Larsson Academy, we would like to tell you can start your now with us no matter how old are you



Get yourself or your child to professionalism with our advanced course. you can get more information about this course by contacting us.



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This Is Our Pricing Plan

you can choose your plan depending on your age

Beginners 19 yrs old or below

AED 2999Per Person
  • 10 Classes
  • 1.5 Hour per class
  • You can register your child with this course as a beginner
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beginners 19 yrs old and above

AED 3499Per Person
  • 10 Classes
  • 1.5 Hour per class
  • Get a special offer when you register with your child
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Advanced and professional

AED 5350Per Person
  • 10 Classes
  • Home Location
  • This course has some conditions to register for it please remember to ask before registration
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Is Right for You or You Child?